How does it work? 

Sunlight Air SmartPass is a single-use voucher that provides our passengers added flexibility when they decide to fly wherever and whenever they want. One voucher gives them the opportunity to choose from the 6 destinations of Sunlight Air. Our passengers have the option to choose and redeem flights without the pressure of planning too far ahead. The more vouchers you buy, the cheaper it gets. 

Sunlight Air Smart Pass Benefits 

  • Fly more, Pay Less  
  • Flexibility  
  • Convenient  
  • Flight Gift (transferrable to multiple recipients) 
  • Can be used by travel agencies or corporations 



1. The Sunlight Air SmartPass is only available for purchase at the Sunlight Air’s SmartPass website at or at Asia Pacific Travel’s Manila Office. 

2. You may purchase a minimum of ONE (1) booklet that contains 10 one-way Sunlight Air SmartPass vouchers. There is no maximum purchase limit. 

3. Payment for the purchase of Sunlight Air SmartPass must be through the payment gateways on our website or through bank transfer. Other payment options will not be accepted. 

4. The purchased SmartPass can be claimed at Asia Pacific Travel Manila office or through shipping via third-party courier. 

4. No Sunlight Air Membership points will be earned for purchasing and utilizing the Sunlight Air SmartPass.  

5. One voucher includes a 7kgs hand-carry and 10kgs check-in baggage allowance. Any add-ons such as prepaid baggage, meals, seat selection, and insurance will be subject to fees. 


1. You may redeem the purchased SmartPass voucher to book a flight by sending an email to along with their booking reference number, serial number, name, gender, date of birth, mobile number, and email address.  

2. You may redeem the purchased SmartPass voucher to any Sunlight Air destination within the validity period. 

3. The SmartPass cannot be redeemed at airport counters, customer service, and travel agents.  

4. Once the voucher has been successfully redeemed and the booking is confirmed. Passengers may no longer rebook, change their name, and reroute the flight. 

5. The SmartPass voucher is equivalent to a (1) one-way ticket. You may redeem a roundtrip flight in one booking by using two (2) SmartPass vouchers.  

6. You may redeem your SmartPass voucher from forty-five (45) to five (5) days prior to their intended date of departure and is subject to seat availability. Holiday or peak dates will be subject to availability. Any redemptions made outside the specified redemption period or validity date is not allowed  

7. One (1) SmartPass voucher includes the base fare, 10kgs check-in baggage, and 7kgs hand-carry, value-added tax, and terminal fees. In case the holder opted to have add-ons such as prepaid baggage, meals, seat selection, and insurance, the fee shall be shouldered by the guest at the time of redemption and booking. 

8. Flight redemption is subject to seat availability. The SmartPass does not guarantee seat availability on any specific flight. Flight schedules are subject to change depending on NAIA slotting time for chartered flights. 

9. The SmartPass must be booked within the specified redemption and travel period. No extensions permitted.  

11. The SmartPass is non-reroutable and non-refundable and cannot be converted to cash. Purchased SmartPass vouchers that are not redeemed or flown within the redemption or validity period will be forfeited.  

3. Upon purchasing the SmartPass, guests shall have the right to book and fly on any existing Sunlight Air flights, subject to seat availability and advance booking requirement.  

4. In the event of flight disruptions, flight delays, or flight schedule changes, handling will be based on the airline’s existing flight disruption policy.  

5. In the event of no show, a SmartPass voucher will be forfeited. The bookings made utilizing the Sunlight Air Flight will be considered flown. 

General Terms  

  • Sunlight Air flights are chartered by Asia Pacific Travel. 
  • Passengers are responsible for obtaining the necessary documents for travel as required by the relevant authorities at all points of the journey. These documents may include but are not limited to health declarations and certificates, LGU-mandated forms, and other specimens required by law, regulations, LGU ordinances, and other requirements by entities with authorities flown from, into, or over. Passengers must always have requirements ready for presentation.  
  • Personal information such as name, age, date of birth, gender, contact details nationality, and details related to your flights and other travel details will be required in relation to herein declared purpose and use of information.  
  • For passengers traveling with infants with booked seats, the child’s birth certificate/ID must be presented upon boarding.  
  • The Sunlight Air SmartPass is non-transferable once redeemed. Asia Pacific Travel reserves the right to those who may or may not be eligible to use the Sunlight Air SmartPass.  
  • The Sunlight Air SmartPass cannot be used in combination with other promos, discounts, products, or exchanged for value or any other consideration, monetary or otherwise.  
  • Any suspicious or fraudulent use in the purchase or redemption of the Sunlight Air SmartPass shall result in the automatic forfeiture of the same without refund or reimbursement. In addition, any flights already booked shall likewise be automatically canceled. In these cases, Asia Pacific Travel shall have no liability to the passenger/s.  
  • The passenger agrees to hold Sunlight Air and Asia Pacific Travel free and harmless from any, and all losses, damages, expenses, claims, demands, awards, and costs that may be incurred or may result from the purchase and/or use of the Sunlight Air SmartPass.  
  • Asia Pacific Travel shall not be held liable for any damage incurred by the passenger for any of the following instances:  

a) The passenger’s purchase and/or redemption of the Sunlight Air SmartPass.  

b) The passenger’s inability to redeem the Sunlight Air SmartPass due to the passenger’s own fault or negligence.  

c) Any unauthorized use of the Sunlight Air SmartPass.  

  • These Terms and Conditions are governed by laws of the Republic of the Philippines and all disputes relating to the Sunlight Air SmartPass and courts in the Republic of the Philippines shall have exclusive jurisdiction.  
  • In case of any inconsistencies between these Terms and Conditions and terms and conditions found in promotional materials covering the Sunlight Air SmartPass, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.  
  • Asia Pacific Travel has the right to reject any claim that is contrary to or in violation of these Terms and Conditions.  
  • Asia Pacific Travel have the sole right to amend, revise, delete or repeal these Terms and Conditions, including suspension of the Sunlight Air SmartPass and/or replacement with a similar product or program, without need of prior notice.  
  • By purchasing and using the Sunlight Air SmartPass, the passenger agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as well as Sunlight Air’s Conditions of Carriage at the time of purchase and/or redemption.